Somehow, October arrived.


It happens every year of course, so it’s silly to be surprised.


After a busy couple of weeks, I was home alone yesterday afternoon and went out into the garden to get some fresh air. “Barry the Pond” has been here, getting our pond and rill working properly again and it’s looking so much better. It’s good to hear the sound of running water again after so long.


These warmish days have brought out the last of the roses too, which seem to shine so much brighter on a rather overcast afternoon.


Though just as I was about to go inside, the sun came out for such a fleeting second or two, I was glad to have had my camera in my hand.


The old walnut tree in the corner of our garden has produced a bumper crop this year and thinking that I didn’t want to slip on them as I came up the garden steps, I left I small pile of nuts on the garden table for the squirrels. Not that we’ve seen any recently.


In other news, the chemist asked if this was really necessary - I assured him it was and that my Hero would of course, follow the instructions carefully and not be silly.


Though we each administered our medicine of choice.

This morning, in the pouring rain, one small squirrel was running up and down the path carrying walnuts to who knows where.


Books, music, cinema...where's the art?

Books, music, cinema...where's the art?

Top-hole place to visit

Top-hole place to visit