Make believe

Make believe

We've spent the day on a Bollywood studio tour, where in a matter of a couple of hours, this


is transformed into this


Its a world where nothing is as it seems.


This isn't really an upscale apartment in Delhi


and this isn't a small town where dramas occur regularly in the local sari shop and beauty salon.


Sadly, we weren't allowed to take photos on the set where they were filming a daily soap opera.  Five young women (potential wives) were offering suggestions to help their potential husband lose weight as we stood behind the film editor watching the continuity guy take copious notes as they filmed for ten or fifteen minutes, creating a minute or so's worth of finished soap.


We were also able to sit and watch a sound editor at work, dubbing a voice over onto a song, pretty much like karaoke.


Following a showing of a brief film telling the history of Indian cinema and a lively performance of Bollywood style dancing, we were introduced to Tami, the choreographer.    What?   After half an hour working with him, we thanked him for his patience, having proved that dancers are born not made.

Even our imagination doesn't stretch that far.



Meet the dabbawala

Meet the dabbawala

Meet the mattress fluffer

Meet the mattress fluffer