The fun continues

The fun continues


In the previous post, my hero had just called to me from the bridge approaching the entrance to the castle.  His voice implied excitement and the need for me to hurry up and see...


Oh!  Who knew that Torgau was home to three bears?


Jette, Bea and Benno were out enjoying the sunshine - we guessed that this was Jette, the oldest of the three.

We thought it was the two youngsters over the other side of the bridge, having a bit of rough and tumble together.


So cute!  What a surprise to find them here! 


But as entertaining as standing and watching bears frolic in the sunshine might be, we were really here to see this tower - or rather, staircase.


This little courtyard was so remarkably picturesque, especially on such a glorious afternoon, we were happy to stand and stare a while and take time to notice all those details.  We didn't want to miss a thing.


The fitter pair of the four of us were up that staircase like greased lightning, whilst my hero and I assumed photography duties down below.  I know, disappointing, but someone has to do it!


Before leaving, we said our goodbyes...though we now know, we can maintain contact via BearCam!


It's a great address, isn't it?


In Magdeburg

In Magdeburg

Off the beaten track - with one or two surprises

Off the beaten track - with one or two surprises