Well-travelled socks

Well-travelled socks


Socks #25 are done and finished.  They’ve been hanging around the house since we returned home and I knew that it’d only take a couple of hours to finish them off, but somehow, it took more than a week to get round to it.  They are knitted in a Swiss Froehlich sock yarn which provides pretty good camouflage on a Cotswold stone wall.


They are a conventional pattern, developed over quite some time to fit my Hero’s feet perfectly.  They also bear no close inspection – or maybe they would make a great resource for WI Craft Judge training – because there are dropped stitches (and compensations), yarn inconsistencies and some other weird features that I didn’t spot until too late.


No, I don’t intend to point them out, because they’re only cosmetic and my Hero doesn’t care about such things one jot.


It looked like I was about to run out of yarn though, so I chose a contrast yarn for the toes.  It might prove a talking point when he takes his shoes off!


Whilst out in the garden, I couldn’t resist taking photographs of one or two favourites


and the pesky wild strawberries, which are taking over the kitchen border.


In other news around here, someone is enjoying his birthday present very much indeed.

Life is good.

Who jumps first?

Who jumps first?

Just thinking

Just thinking