Into the Dairy State

Into the Dairy State

Years ago, when our trips to the USA were usually to Florida to escape the January gloom, Edward’s friend Seb took a shine to the Green Bay Packers, who were one of the teams in that year’s Superbowl.  Little did we know that, some years later, we’d find ourselves in Green Bay, driving past the Packers stadium and considering a visit there tomorrow!


I have to say, our last night in Michigan in a Holiday Inn Express in Munising, was not the most successful.  The hotel was packed full with large, noisy families and at times, the door slams and thud-thud thud of running down the halls reminded us that, as much fun as road trips can be, there are times when we look forward to being at home. 


As we wheeled our luggage out to the car, one family was stuffing what seemed like the contents of their home (and their neighbour’s), the family bedding, a couple of week’s food shopping, a kayak or two and a few bikes into theirs.  Rather them than me.


The first part of our journey was on bumpy, pot holed roads through the Hiawatha National Forest.  A bit like driving at home, then!


After an hour or more, we found ourselves back alongside Lake Michigan.


We crossed a river with a significant water operation going on too, though I have no idea where it was.  I must have been snoozing!


Eventually, just when we were all feeling a little dopey, we arrived in Escanaba, where a small lighthouse gave us reason to get out of the car and get some fresh air.


Ah, the lake.


We found ourselves on the Circle Lake Michigan route once again.


Occasionally, we pass something which makes me grab my camera and take a quick snap.  Who knew the Lloyd Loom chairs were made here?  Not me!  (But there’s a chequered history of the company/design/manufacture it seems)


But I was ready for the state line snap, in the middle of a bridge.  Saying ‘bye to Michigan and hello Wisconsin.


Marinette, the first city over the border was an elegant place with large, imposing buildings.


My hero screeched to a halt outside a quilt shop shortly afterwards, too.


The dilemma was, what fabric to choose as a souvenir from our Michigan road trip when we’re already in Wisconsin?  The answer, some mitten-patterned flannel for a cushion or two!


Into the Dairy state then, with green meadows, Holstein cattle and large red barns.


Hey, there’s a quilt on that one!


Soon, we were into Green Bay and one of the first landmarks we saw was the imposing Lambeau Field, where the Packers play.


The cute image in the foyer of the Hampton Inn said it all.  Cows and football, eh?


We set off to walk over the bridge to dinner this evening, except that as we did, the bells rang and the bridge lifted.  As it went down again, the bridge master came out to address a couple of young men who had ducked under the gates and crossed as it was opening/closing.  He’d called the police and was especially vigilant as result of an accident last week


We were heading for the highly recommended Titletown, located in the former depot of the Chicago and North Western Railroad.

Winking smile

One of us was especially interested in the artwork, but the food was pretty good too

Go Pack Go

Go Pack Go

A Superior frame of mind

A Superior frame of mind