More Mackinac

More Mackinac

Not quite done there yet!


When we woke this morning and saw the sunshine coming through the curtains, there was no question about it – open all twelve (yes!) pairs of curtains and let the sun shine in!


The Grand Hotel operates on a dinner, bed and breakfast basis, so you’ll guess what was next on our agenda.  Whilst there, I had to take a photo of the e-n-o-r-m-o-u-s dining room.


Actually, that was half – above is the other half.  Oh, and there’s another section to the right as well!


From there, we did what we’d been unable to do yesterday – walk along the porch and take sunny pictures.


The red geraniums looked glorious.


The view across the strait, similarly so.  What a difference a bit of sunshine makes.


We hadn’t noticed the planted horse and carriage in the garden yesterday.


Neither had we noticed the staff member standing by the entrance to collect admission fees!


On this lovely morning, we could see people beginning to arrive on the ferries.  Yesterday, the three of us and about another half dozen folks chose to sit inside, but today, they were up top as well, enjoying the fresh air.  When we thought about it, we felt the rain had perhaps done us a favour yesterday in keeping the crowds away?


The view of the bridge was lovely too.  We’d be driving over it later.


I was glad I’d worn my black patent sandals with red shiny toes to match the carpet!


There was just enough time left to take photographs of one or two things we’d missed, like these phone booths.  More green and white stripes!


The teddy bear ferris wheel too!  Well, I’d taken photos of that for Lesley, but this morning, without anyone else around, it was easier!


But we couldn’t stretch it out any longer.  It was time to go.  We’d sent our bags on ahead, so checked out and made our way down into town, to the ferry terminal.

One last look at our room, up there on the third floor; the curved windows.




Walking down to the ferry, we had chance to peer inside some gorgeous gardens.  The season here is short but flowers are abundant.


Hehe, the better weather gave me a better shot of the lighthouse too.

Winking smile

Standing looking over the strait, I mused on this lovely garden.  A great view of the bridge, the water lapping at the rocks, flowers, well tended lawn, visitors gawping over the fence…what more could one want?


And here we were, at the ferry.  Good grief.

(let me remind you of what it looked like yesterday…)


Well, once more, what a difference a bit of sunshine makes, eh?


Feeling rather pleased that the rain yesterday hadn’t stopped us from doing what we planned and the sunshine today gave us a view of the island in better weather, we counted our blessings and felt more than happy.


We boarded the 11.00am ferry and said ‘bye to the island.


I chose to sit up top for an exhilarating ride!


Better views, too.


Well, of course, I had to take one last shot, didn’t I?


As we arrived, another full boat was just leaving and the queue for the next one stretched out to the road.


The system worked beautifully again and having collected our car and our bags, within half an hour we were over that bridge!

The road trip continues.

Over the bridge

Over the bridge

The Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel