A creature of habit

A creature of habit

I think that applies to us all to some degree, but this morning I am acutely aware that I don’t need to look too far to find a prime example.

I’ve got my hand up.


When we returned from our last adventure, I cleared out my art kit box, recognising that I am all too good at putting something extra in whilst never taking anything out.  Not only was it becoming too stuffed to close, it has pretty heavy too.  So I emptied it, thinking I’d just begin again before the next trip.


I just went to gather the things for our road trip and had forgotten I’d done that!  It wasn’t so difficult to assemble the basics though and of course, I knew exactly where to find a record of a previous kit too.  My pink box was soon packed and ready.


But in looking for the right colour ink pad, I opened the drawer with a few leftovers from previous projects.  Maybe there’s something in there I might use?


Feeling virtuous at “using what I have”, I soon filled a small zip bag with stickers and the like. (Hang on, why am I including a “Caribbean” sticker?)


And then there was the question of colour.  Shall I take a small box of watercolours or my bag of Neocolour crayons?  Or the new set of wax aquarelle crayons bought in Prague?


Or shall I do as I did last time and take a handful of Inktense coloured pencils?  Lighter, cleaner and more compact, they’re the obvious choice.  In fact, I don’t know why I even considered the others.  I always take my Inktense pencils with me!


So there we are then.

What do you mean, what clothes am I taking?

On our way

On our way