On my list

On my list

You wouldn't be surprised if I said I brought a list with me.  A shopping list, that is.  You might not be that surprised to learn that a couple of things have been added to it whilst we have been here, too.   Today, we set out to tackle that list and check off one or two things.


Having first satisfied the hunger that jet lag brings, that is.  Well, it's at least lunchtime by the time we set out here, even if the clock says 8.30am.


And so the day began.  No, of course I'm not going to spoil surprises.  Suffice to say that a few bits and pieces were found and we hope they will hit the spot when the time comes.


The concept of "shopping local" doesn't really count when we are so far from home - but everything is local to someone, isn't it?


I do have some Christmas sewing to do, though, and stood in line for what seemed like hours in JoAnns, behind a woman who spent more than 200 dollars on fabric bought in 2 yard pieces, each one of which had to be cut, folded and recorded.  I don't know whether I was envious of her bargains (it was all 60% off today) or relieved that I didn't have it all to make up.  My paltry 2 yards was somewhat meagre in comparison.


And though we could have happily brought home the contents of the whole of Williams Sonoma (beautiful kitchenware) most of Crate and Barrel (oh, the gorgeous table settings) and much of the Container Store too, we had to draw the line and be reasonable.  After all, we had to leave room for the Christmas M&Ms didn't we?


As the sun set on yet another Shake Shack - this one in Chestnut Hill - the list was more or less complete.  I even had an unexpected Chicos bag to account for!

Enough shopping then.  Tomorrow, bring on the culture!

It's my pleasure

It's my pleasure

Blue sky and sunshine

Blue sky and sunshine