Not lunchtime yet!

Not lunchtime yet!

But I promised to post a couple of lunchtime menus from around here.  Previously, the speciality restaurants were open only for dinner, but a new development offers a wider selection of midday treats for us to choose from.  We like that very much indeed.

Chartreuse is the new, updated French restaurant on board, elegantly styled with art nouveau influenced decor.  Yesterday, we had seats by the aft windows and enjoyed the company (and first class service) from Nik (from the Ukraine) and Morgane, from France.


We feared that the lunchtime offer would be as lavish as the evening menu, but we needn’t have worried.  The plates are perfectly proportioned I think, and though my Hero might have both starter and main course, I have found one or the other to be ideal.


But then I find it hard to resist dessert!

Another lunchtime option is Prime 7, the American grill.  We find the plates here a little overwhelming in the evening, though have noticed (and appreciated) the smaller portions in this interpretation of the concept.  At lunchtime, it’s still more manageable for those like me, who can feel a little overwhelmed by a huge plate of food.


Again, the appetisers are of a size which makes a great main course for me.  My Hero chose the Shrimp and Grits the other day and found it ample for a lunchtime meal, even though he couldn’t resist a main course too.


Well, who could resist some of those fine plates?  We’ve both really enjoyed the salmon, cooked perfectly to our preference and again, served with first class care by Catherine and accompanied by frequent top ups of our favourite NZ Sauvignon Blanc from Irfan, a Regent staff member we have known for many years and whose company is as delightful as ever.


I think I’ve posted these two pictures before, but will attach them here as well, to illustrate the Pulled Pork Sliders (yum!)

Winking smile

and the clever, clever presentation of the small portioned desserts which are brought to the table for us to help ourselves.  Have one or have all six…

If only!

Cartagena today

Cartagena today

OK, that’ll be £250k, then Sir…

OK, that’ll be £250k, then Sir…