Turn turn turn

Turn turn turn


It was the best kind of Bank Holiday Mondays.  We had nothing pressing, could pay Bettine a relaxed visit for coffee yesterday morning and spend the rest of the day at home doing exactly what we fancied, which was not very much.  It was a warm, sunny day with fine weather clouds and generally blue skies.


So we opened up the summer house, got out the chairs and sat reading in the sunshine, stopping every now and again to consult the FlightRadar24 app.  BA 289 bound for Phoenix, a Turkish Airlines plane flying from Istanbul to Houston or an Athens to Toronto flight; we were watching as they flew overhead.


A visit from our small and no-longer-quite-so-small friends was a fun diversion and a reminder of those days when we didn’t mind about sitting on prickly grass or bumpy stones as long as we could get our toes into the water.


Imagine our surprise this morning, then, when opening the curtains!


Looking at the dew soaked cobwebs in every corner of the garden, it felt as though we had really turned a corner and yes, it will soon be September.  Just to emphasise the point, Thought for the Day this morning was focused on Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, which is probably why The Byrds are providing the music playing in my head this morning.


Thankfully, we live in England, where just an hour later, the mist has cleared and another glorious day beckons.


And a lifetime spent working in education means September is when everything kicks off again and there’s work to be done!

I’d better get on with it then.

The First of September

The First of September

Just one day

Just one day