I can’t believe it’s the 1st of August today.  Just where did July go?


I thought it was about time I began the job of completing my Road Trip journal so sorted through a few bits of ephemera, gathered my stuff and got going this morning.


I haven’t got too much still to do, but wanted to make sure I continued in the same style as I had started, so I took a look through the pages I’d completed so far.


It was a great trip and I realise I’d already forgotten quite a few of the small details which make our trips so special.


What a good job then, that I have my scribbly notebook which is a useful reminder of all those little details, like the sign outside the church in between Vicksburg and Shreveport which announced:

“7 days without God makes 1 weak”

Not to mention the slogan on the T shirt, worn by a woman at the filling station where we refuelled.

“Have you clucked and tucked today?”


Answers in the comments, please!



Falling down the rabbit hole

Falling down the rabbit hole