Everything’s swell

Everything’s swell


In the two years since we sailed down this coast of South America, we’d forgotten about the swell.  The seas are fairly smooth, but there’s a deep and very noticeable swell of 8 or 10ft which means the ship is gently swaying from side to side all the time.  Walking around in these conditions is a bit like being ever so slightly drunk but being rocked to sleep in a comfy bed is quite a pleasant experience!


We’ve settled into an easy routine.  We are amongst the first to rise in our little community, so Rosemarie and Sebastian are usually straight into our suite to clean and tidy when we go for a spot of breakfast.


Our Trivia team of four is doing quite nicely thank you and though we don’t have a win yet, the points are stacking up.


I have a Kindle-full of books to read and yet I’m tempted by the hardback books in the library.  Do I need to read Purity?  It does look rather interesting…


We are enjoying good company over tables groaning with delicious offerings and gradually, are getting to know the charming people who do their best to make sure our every whim is fulfilled.


My hero has developed a taste for Negronis!


The entertainment in the theatre has been really great, especially these two virtuosic guitarists, “Siqueira Lima” who played a set of familiar classical and traditional pieces.  They told a sweet story of how they met and melted everyone’s hearts. 


Their party piece to finish their show was unusual and actually, remarkably good!  We’re looking forward to hearing them again.


The travelling companions look forward to their fun with Rosemarie each day.  Who knows what they get up to when we are out?


Breakfast calls now; perhaps Gianluca has our favourite table ready?  We’re hoping to arrive in Coquimbo shortly after lunch and have a plan to visit a pisco distillery amongst other things.  The Captain is keeping an eye on the swell though and we can only wait and see if the water conditions will allow us ashore.  In the meantime, we’ll go and listen to another lecture about Hollywood, we’ll have a gossip with our friends and we have a bundle of laundry in the tumble drier already.

This is the life!



A bit of a hokey cokey

A bit of a hokey cokey