Good to be home

Good to be home

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On Saturday night, as we sat in the balmy, Buenos Aires evening air overlooking the new docklands area, we reflected on our recent travels.  Sure, there were a few shortcomings but you know what?  We had a great time!  But sitting here, my Hero observed that really, there were no clues to our location – well, apart from the socking great hunk of beef that was being grilled a stone’s throw away, that is .  But he was right – looking out over the new office blocks, the classic modern water landscape with a few yachts, restaurants and smart shops could have been anywhere in the world: Vancouver, Sydney, London…in a mad moment, he even suggested Gloucester!

Well, the wine was excellent and we were in good spirits.  We were here, in Buenos Aires, enjoying dinner in Cabana Las Lilas on the last night of our holiday.


I ordered the smallest, choicest cut, just 875g.  Good grief.  No, I didn’t manage to finish it sadly, because it was easily the tastiest, juiciest most delicious piece of meat I’ve eaten in ages.  Oh, Argentina!


Yesterday morning, then, it was time to leave.  I snagged a decent shot of the British tower as we left.


Waiting for our flight, we feared the worst as a small child appeared to be playing a drum in front of us in the queue.  What sane person would give a child such a thing to take on a 13 hour flight?!  But our fears were unfounded – phew – the child was merely beating the base of a signpost to death!  Thankfully, our flight was comfortable once we’d got four or five hours of turbulence out of the way – it was a windy night, we were advised.


As we took off, we flew over the city towards the Rio de la Plata before banking and turning north.


Somewhere down there on the riverside, my hero spotted our home for the last three weeks.  Funny to think they’ll be in Montevideo again today whilst we are back here in our comfy, cosy home.

We’re glad to be here, too.

The Gaucho

The Gaucho

In Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires