I hate this bit

I hate this bit


One suitcase is packed.  On a trip like this, my hero and I travel with two medium sized suitcases each and we always pack our own things.  Though we are not off till tomorrow afternoon, I wanted to get the bulk of the things sorted, because who knows what distraction tomorrow might bring that’s preferable to packing a suitcase?


Anyway, it was easy to pack this first one and fill it with cruise-only things.  A couple of dresses, party shoes, sunny day things and cold weather gear, because our itinerary will involve a range of temperatures and we will need a variety of layers which work together.  Having got it comfortably full, I closed the lid, zipped it up and weighed it.


“Oh that’s good, not so heavy at all” said my hero.

“Oh good, I can take a couple of extra tops” said I.


So one suitcase stands closed up and (maybe) complete, whilst the other one is open on my bed awaiting all those things which can’t be put in until tomorrow – hair and make up stuff, contacts, a couple of chargers and so on.

And I know at least one friend who is curious about what I’ve packed in the “journal” category.


A compact bundle is the answer.

I thought about it and decided that I would feel bereft without the basics, at least.  Oh and a bag of water soluble crayons.


The pink pencil box contains those essentials: the four mini ink pads, a couple of sheets of travel-related stamps, a couple of washi tapes, a glue stick, scissors, ruler and a date stamp.


There’s my small Martha Stewart concertina file to collect ephemera for my Project Life album when I get back.  I find it easy to catch up that way and can simply slot it all in place at home later.  I created a card for each port of call and those are in there ready for my observations.  I’m hoping I know what will be written in the first two lines: dulce de leche and pisco sour!


And I simply couldn’t travel without a notebook of some kind, even if I decide to do something more elaborate and creative.  So I put in the cahiers and the brown paper Midori.

Now, I’m sitting here wondering if I’ve thought of everything.  Do I need an additional long sleeved T shirt?  What about a hat (as well as the ear warmers?)  Have I packed sufficient dressy/casual/cool/warm clothes?  What do I always wish I’d brought (but didn’t)?  I have another 20 hours to think those things and yes, I really dislike this bit.

This time tomorrow, I’ll be ok though.  We’ll be on our way to the airport to fly first to Madrid where we’ll transfer to a LAN flight to Lima to begin our adventure in South America.  I hope you’re going to join us on our trip and swim alongside?

Magic words

Magic words

It’s not only me…

It’s not only me…