Off we go again

Off we go again


The travelling companions were eager to be off once more.


Travelling with friends, the journey was problem free, though Heathrow was incredibly busy.


Our flight arrived on time and we were soon on our way into the city.

Drive on the left!  As if we needed a reminder.


The last time I posted so many green photographs we were in Libya!


Needless to say, we are most certainly not in Tripoli today.


We’re starting another road trip, a little closer to home this time and look forward to enjoying the aran knitting,


the poetry


the music


and the craic.


As if you didn’t know already, we’re in Dublin, where (a different) Mary reckons that Molly Malone was selling more than cockles and mussels, if you ask her.  And only now, whilst uploading the photograph did I notice which part of sweet Molly Malone gets the most attention, too.

The sun was shining, the city was buzzing and our road trip is off to a cracking start.


But of course, I had to take a photograph of this sign in Avoca, by the notebooks and so on.

Grrrrr!   (and I now know I’m not alone – thank you for the reassurance)

A day in Dublin

A day in Dublin

How hard can it be?

How hard can it be?