At the Drive-In Diner

At the Drive-In Diner


Dinner tonight was a Shrimp Supper at Rudy’s.  Mary and my hero had their favourite Root Beer Floats whilst I settled for a chocolate malt, all accompanied by exactly the right music.  We loved it.



If you followed the link then you’ll already know, Rudy’s is a drive in diner and though we chose to eat inside so we could watch the whole operation, we could have driven up to one of the parking bays and had our food delivered to our car window


by one of the super skilled roller skating waitresses!


Just as we were leaving, a car nearby placed their order and one of the team sprang into action with a tray laden with food, drinks on one shoulder and an ice cream held in her other hand.  She sped across to the car to deliver the order in super fast time.


First delivery was the ice cream!


Then, the tray was fixed to the open window so that hungry people could access their food from a kind of shelf/table.  Shortly before leaving, they’d summon the waitress by means of a call button and she’d skate out again to collect the tray and any rubbish before they drove away.

What fun!  (the food was good, too!)


Our hotel tonight is not quite our usual style.


But it has a great view of the U Haul depot!

Who says we don’t travel in style?

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