Answers Questions, Questions Answers

Answers Questions, Questions Answers

Yes, I stole the title from Focus.  Oh my, memories of seeing them live at Leeds Town Hall sometime in the 1970s!


One suitcase or two? 

The answer was one, until my hero decided that his case was so full there was no room to put in anything we might buy along the way.

Winking smile

So the answer is three.  One for him.  One for me.  One for us both


Shall I take my new Supergas?

Have you felt how heavy they are?

I’d better do without.


Have I remembered everything?

Only time will tell.  But it’s only 4pm and we think we have.  I had to close my suitcase because every time I looked at it and asked the question, I put something else in it.

Fullscreen capture 25062015 155757

Were the  HaystacksHayseedsHaygoods (!)  a wise choice of show in Branson, MO? 

Like us, you’ll just have to wait and see if Ellis was correct. 


But you’ll only have to wait until tomorrow to be reminded of what made Milwaukee famous (and if it makes a loser out of me) as we set out on the 2015 Summer Road Trip.  We fly to Chicago in the morning and drive up into Wisconsin where my hero will catch me up in the number of US states visited – when he puts both feet down in Wisconsin, we’ll both score 39 (and I’ll stop having to explain how/why). 

Coming with us?

Let’s go!

Let’s go!