We have a plan

We have a plan

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I’ve been watching the weather forecast for tomorrow with interest.  To begin with, all looked fair but towards the end of last week, the gloom set in.  Not only was it likely to pour with rain, hurricane force winds were threatened.

Oh heck.

Perhaps an extra hat pin or two would be a good idea?


Someone on the Facebook group mentioned that she’d bought a plastic rain poncho “just in case”.  After all, there’s no room for a raincoat in a handbag and anyway, who wants to cover up their carefully thought through outfit with a mac?

I bought four in Cirencester this morning, one for each of my gang.


Comfortable shoes are ready, I’ve got a capacious handbag in which to put all the required items and my fancy umbrella has been opened and tested, just to make sure it is still in one piece.  After all, the last time it had an outing was to the very same venue, but several years ago.


Emails have been flying to and fro this afternoon, with fast-changing arrangements for the 128 coaches which will be making the same manoeuvre tomorrow afternoon, dropping off and picking up the elegantly dressed guests somewhere (anywhere!) along Park Lane.

Yes, we will be amongst them.


But however hard he tries, Olaf will have to stay at home.  The invitations are strictly for the named guest only.

Please, keep everything crossed for us tomorrow, then, as Mary and I join 7998 of our friends at Buckingham Palace for a Garden Party to celebrate 100 years of the WI.  Though it would be lovely if the sun shone, we’d be happy if it simply stays dry.

We all think a vest under the posh frock might be a good idea anyway. 

Just in case.

It started with a queue…

It started with a queue…

A day off.  A day out.

A day off. A day out.