Elegant Casual

Elegant Casual


We woke to rain in Hong Kong.  Not much, but enough to carry an umbrella at least.  We had a few things to get, mostly toiletries, so a trip to Watsons was called for.


That done, we caught the MTR up to Causeway Bay, where we knew we’d find a couple of other things we were looking for and where we could amuse ourselves for a couple of hours.  Benny and Edwin weren’t coming to collect us till noon and I wanted to make the most of our time here.  It might be some time before we’re back.


Mission accomplished and we could spend half an hour mooching in the market.  I paid a visit to my favourite sticker stall and kept an eye open for one of those pretty sunshine umbrellas I’d admired at the ruined pagodas but no joy.


Never mind, time spent here is always interesting.


Looking at our watches, it was time we were making our way back to Central and hopping on a tram we were back in no time at all.


The hotel lobby was frenetic – the first match of the rugby sevens was scheduled for later and the bars were already doing great business.  Our luggage was ready to go though somewhere under all that cling film, my hero’s hat was looking pretty squished.


Off we went then, past the scene of the “umbrella revolution” outside the Legislative council.


Out along fast new roads on reclaimed land from where we could see a smart white ship through the gloom.


A short while later, having said goodbye to Benny and Edwin, we signed the health forms to confirm that we didn’t have ebola and made our way down a series of walkways to the ship.


We met Jane and Allan on the pool deck for lunch as arranged and then found our way to our suite where a warm welcome awaited.

It’s good to be “home”!

The fun never stops

The fun never stops

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