Goodbye, Ananda

We were packed and ready to leave as scheduled and though it was certainly lovely to see Sanda’s smiling face appear as we were having breakfast, it was sad to say goodbye to the friends we’ve shared the fun with over the last few days. 




Sad too to say goodbye to our comfortable room on Ananda, with the balcony where we’ve seen so much life going on as we passed by.




It’s a fantastic experience and one which we can wholeheartedly recommend.  There really has never been a dull moment and the additional small surprises just kept on coming!




But all good things come to an end and over breakfast we said a few goodbyes to people who were going straight home, some who were spending a night in Bangkok and others who we might bump into along the way.

What a great time we’ve had.  Bring on the next chapter!

Hello Mandalay

Spectacular surprises