Well, in our case, forget about the second part on this trip.  The worldwide spread of culture has resulted in there being very few things we can’t buy at home – or our German friends can’t buy here.  So, our list of things to bring home is rather shorter than it used to be – and the similar list of things we bring for our friends consists of just a couple of items now.

So, what will we bring home this time?  Where do we head for and what do we buy when we are in Germany?


On Saturday, in KaDeWe, we headed straight for the Falke department.  We can buy some Falke socks in John Lewis, but not quite the huge range available here and my favourite “Berlin” socks are most easily found in department stores here.  They fit beautifully, are comfortable and don’t fall down and above all, they live forever (or seem to do).  Sadly, this time, they didn’t have my size and colour so I left empty handed.  My hero, however, managed a few pairs of his favourites, so at least one of us is content.


Next stop, when we see one, is a WMF


Here can be found good quality tableware and every cooking implement you could possibly need.


As we stood chatting to the sales assistant and saying as much, we added “and some you never knew you needed until you saw one”.  She pointed out this:


Apologies for the poor photo but perhaps I was distracted by the concept of the “Nutella spreading knife”, specially shaped to fit into the curve of the jar so every last bit can be retrieved.  There.  You didn’t know you needed one, did you?  (No, we didn’t)


On almost every street is a DM and I find it hard to pass one by.


The equivalent of Boots or possibly more Superdrug, this is where I find a few favourites.


My Bayrischer Blockmalz sweets which you’ve seen here before if you’ve been reading a while.


Mostly, though, I’m here to get the amazing bath “cures” for all kinds of aches and pains, colds and flu and, at this time of the year, the special “Winter magic” salts which smell of Christmas and which I love.


One of the first things we do in a German city is look for an OSKA shop.  There’s one in Cheltenham now and several in London, but none have quite the range as in the German stores and of course, there is quite a price difference too (more or less the same in pounds as in Euros here)


Next, I don’t go looking for a Nivea shop – we can get most of it at home, of course – but if I pass one by, it’s fun to get some of the Christmas tins for stockings and small presents.


This store was particularly sparkly and was launching the new Nivea perfume – yes, you can smell like your favourite blue and white tin!  (why?)


Last but not least, the supermarket haul.  Spaetzle, which are sometimes in our local Lidl but not very often, a packet of knödel, rahmsauce mix for making geschnetzeltes at home and last but not least, a packet for Kaiserschmarrn.  Four long standing favourites which we’ll treasure and share.

Now, thinking of that bath for aching joints and muscles….I might just go and make use of its remarkable healing powers.  There could be another short blog post later, for we have interesting plans for this evening.  But for now, the bathroom is calling…

(oh and in case you’re wondering what we bring to Germany when we visit our friends: Gingernut biscuits and Yorkshire Tea Bags!)

In the Bundestag

In the Bundestag

And then…

And then…