Before we went home




Our last morning here and there remained a couple of things we’d intended to do.




Quieter than usual shopping streets on this Wednesday morning meant it was a good time to take a look at some of the department stores, not really in search of anything special but, well, the birthday boy was hoping for a new overcoat.  Since we Thomases come “traditionally built”, the German fit suits us well and sure enough, Peek und Cloppenburg had the perfect style.




Whilst we’ve been here, our feet have taken a battering on these hard pavements and cobbled streets too and a couple of days ago I decided to treat mine to a pair of Falke socks.  Expensive, yes.  But though those two-pairs-for-£3 from ASDA might do OK at home, the seamless toes and perfect fit of the Falke socks don’t rub or pinch in quite the same way and I decided my feet are worth it!  One family collection of “best socks” later, we were nearly done.




Fortunately, I remembered just in time that I’m tea girl at my WI meeting tomorrow and would surely not have time to bake any biscuits.  Instead, my WI friends will have the chance to try some Echte Braune Kuchen

Someone likes them!




And that was that.  We enjoyed a hearty lunch at the hotel before taking the S bahn to the airport and heading home.  After collecting our luggage, we went our separate ways; the birthday boy went home to Finsbury Park and we headed back along the M4. 

It’s always good to be home!

So far, 70% success

Everywhere in Bremen