Friday’s project




Keen to try new ideas and to take every opportunity to practise with my new sewing machine, I was quick to download and save a free project I spotted on a website the other day.  Though I knew there were many, many resources to learn from here and there, I didn’t know there were things like this to be done.  Here was an altogether new way of using the hoop and embroidery module of the machine and a morning at home was a good opportunity to give it a try.




It’s very clever.  The project comes together in no time and following the instructions to the letter, there’s little chance of going wrong at all.  Dare I admit it, no skill involved?  There is, however, a fair bit of mess when it comes to tearing away the stabiliser which is essential to the project and I think this is the first sewing project ever where I’ve made such copious use of sticky tape!




The end result is a neat little bag.  Hardly big enough to be of any practical use (!), it’s nevertheless satisfying and the concept could be easily adapted or enlarged.  I particularly like the accuracy and the precision with which the stitching is placed – all part of the design, of course, and not something the sewing machine user can claim any credit for whatsoever.




The only credit I’ll claim is for working it out so I could line up the pattern on the fabric, which turned out quite well I think.




My Hero was out cutting grass whilst I was sewing, but he came to the door to call for me to come and take a look at a small disaster which had occurred in the last couple of days.  Two large branches, fully laden with plums had broken off the tree and were lain on the grass with the fruit scattered all around.  Looking more closely, the whole tree is covered in a huge crop of fruit and it appears the weight, maybe assisted by the weather, had caused these two arms to fall.




Both plums and greengages seem to be in plentiful supply this year.  Here’s hoping the rest will ripen before another catastrophe strikes!

At the Festival of Quilts

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