How easy was that?!


No, not stitching out that intricate design on my machine (though I’m working on it), but fixing up some music in my car!  From time to time, I post something here as a record for myself when I know that sooner or later I’ll think “how did I do that?”.  Today is one of those occasions.

So, just recently I was tired of the radio and bored with the playlist of mp3s I had on a USB stick in my car.  I wanted some more music to listen to, some different music. But it’s all on itunes and I wasn’t sure how to retrieve it in a format my car would play.  Mp3?   Mp4?  AAC?  Who knows?  For the second time today, I retrieved a manual and after five minutes searching for the answer, I decided to wing it…




I’d got myself the tiniest of USB sticks to put in my car, thinking that rather than make a playlist as I’d done in the past, I’d simply copy my whole music library onto it and leave it there. 

I began by copying a few tunes over in different formats to see which it would recognise and play.

Answer = All of them!


Fullscreen capture 04082014 140146


My next discovery was that a simple highlight – right click – copy in itunes, followed by a right click + paste into a folder on my little USB stick worked perfectly!  No export, so file alterations, no reformatting needed.   Select.  Copy.  Paste.  In no time at all the albums were flying onto that little stick.

I know, it’s not rocket science.  I haven’t done anything mind blowing or life changing.  But for once, isn’t it good to find that a task is simpler and less complicated than it appeared?

Today’s challenge

Half inch seams are for cissies

Half inch seams are for cissies