Over the bridge again




It was time to pack my bag again and head off to Glamorgan yesterday.  It’s a show I’ve judged before but for some reason, I just couldn’t picture the venue we were heading for.  Was it the town where I bought my favourite twinkly shoes; the ones I liked so much I telephoned to ask if they’d post me the same ones in the other colour? 

“No”, said Marion.  “it’s the Community Centre just off the motorway.  No shoe shops there”.  (shame!)

Hmmm.  I gave it a little more thought.  Perhaps it was the modern hall which I seem to think is accessed through a school complex?  No, that was in Gwent, I think. 

Thankfully, we have maps and satnavs and sure enough, as soon as we arrived in North Cornelly, I remembered it well.  Yes, of course I’d been here before!  Familiar faces were there to greet us and after a jolly lunch it was time to begin work.




It’s a show renowned for the enthusiasm with which everyone takes part and this is only a small part of one of the classes – St David’s Day.  There are literally hundreds of entries and every class has a wealth of good things to see.  Lesley, do you like the cushion in the top right hand corner?  I thought of you when I saw it!  We English judges were caught out by a couple of the entries though – can you spot the wayward dragons?  Would you have known what’s not quite right with it?  (We didn’t – but will know in future!)




I was judging the staging and interpretation of the co-operative class on the theme of “Mothering Sunday”, in which there were 27 entries.  Quite a challenge!




But as a little light relief, to round off the afternoon, I also had the “decorated wellies” to consider.  An opportunity for the men to show off their talents, I couldn’t resist placing this amazing tea time wellie in first place, though there was some tough competition, I can tell you.




After a spot of tea and a review of the stars of the show, it was time to head home, back over the bridge where something was awaiting me.

Oooo!   I think it’s going to be a fun weekend!

30 000 stitches and counting

Sioe Frenhinol Cymru