Off we go




We did quite well packing yesterday afternoon, though the dilemma wasn’t about how to get it all in, but whether to take two full or three medium-filled suitcases.  We opted for the latter, so there was plenty of room to put all those heavy guidebooks in as well.  We left the usual notes all over the place for the housesitter, watered the plants and drove to Heathrow last night, meeting Edward for a lovely evening at our favourite Bibendum.

This morning, we’re sitting in the lounge at Terminal 5 waiting for our flight to Boston, where we’ll meet Mary and begin our 2014 Road Trip.  We logged in to check email and my hero discovered that his ipad didn’t want to play.




At some point during our last trip, the screen of his ipad had cracked and though it’s been working perfectly fine, this morning it was looking very dodgy.  With his birthday coming up, I’d already had the idea to replace it but it looked as though a swift decision needed to be made.  I scooted back downstairs to the duty free shop once more and in less than five minutes the deed was done.

He’s made the transition to the dark side as well.  He has a few hours today to explore his new toy and I’ll have to dream up a different birthday surprise.

See you in America!


Are we there yet?