Tuesday morning

Tuesday morning


The streets of Boston are ready and waiting for us.  It’s a bit overcast and the forecast is for showers later but we are in holiday mood and the weather isn’t going to stop any of our fun.


At five o’clock this morning, we were awake and feeling great.  In no time at all the bed was a bit of a journalling zone, with bits of ephemera and my art kit strewn over the sheets.  My hero bravely turns a blind eye to such things, thankfully!  Anyway, the first couple of pages are done and I’m in the groove.


I’ll admit to my mind being somewhere else this morning though, as it’s ten years today since I flew to Cyprus following the news of Daddy’s fatal heart attack.  Whenever we are in the Sofitel at Terminal 5, I smile when I see the night/day map on the wall there, because the same thing hung on the wall at the Four Seasons in Limassol and from the minute he saw it, it attracted his interest.  He found the same program to use as his screen saver on his computer at home and of course, that association will always stay with me.

Ten years, eh?  The years have passed so quickly and I can be grateful for many happy times to remember.  Grateful too, that I can carry on in the same way thanks to the choices he made and the encouragement he never failed to give me.

Ay! Oh! Let’s Go!