Learning curves

Gradually, I am finding my way around my Note (which I think was named especially to amuse people like me, with a Hull accent!) This afternoon I thought I'd try the next step. Can I remember how to write a blog post without Ms writer?  Since there isn't a Squarespace Android app right now, I'm back to the old days of writing directly to the Squarespace interface.
Patience needed then.
The other small issue is that I haven't really got anything to blog about.  So, I'll simply ask your advice about why the weeds are slowly strangling this hebe,  ask what you reckon is eating our irises, and invite you to enjoy the wonderful scent of the freesias on the kitchen windowsill.  You might also like to admire our one snail free hosta in its special snail resistant pot. We need more - hostas and pots with a lip which snails find too difficult to negotiate!
Meanwhile, George is wondering if he'd be brave enough to parachute from Linda's church tower.
I'm trying a new picture editor too, as I work out if I am going to manage without baby laptop on our travels. So far, it's not looking that hopeful.  But I am optimistic, because each day brings a new discovery!

Signs of Summer

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