I don’t normally choose mixed colours when choosing flowers, but I couldn’t resist this gorgeous bunch of tulips whilst shopping last week.




Sure enough, they’ve opened into a glorious blaze of colour on the kitchen windowsill and I just had to get my camera this morning, when the light was just right.




There hasn’t been much time to sit at the computer and review the days recently, as my diary has been filled with my favourite mix of work and fun.  Most of the time, work is fun, especially now we’ve learned the OFSTED outcome – note the “outstanding” visual arts!  Just now, the work-life balance is pretty good around here.




On Saturday, we enjoyed another trip to the pictures in Cheltenham – getting to be a habit, this – to see Jonas Kaufmann as Werther in another of the Met Opera’s Live HD shows.  Wonderful stuff, especially with such a star hunkentenor in the leading role Winking smile 




The bright, Spring like days we are having right now are gorgeous, even if this gang of goldfinches did start their chorus a little earlier than I’d like this morning.  At lunch with our delightful neighbours yesterday, the conversation moved briefly onto the subject of gardens and I felt quite inspired to get out there and make a start – well, for about five minutes, anyway!




With such an optimistic and cheerful frame of mind this morning, I went off to a meeting in a favourite place and came home thinking I’d catch up on one or two things before doing something creative.  Before my mood changed though, I deleted a whole page of snarky comments on one of the travel forums I follow without even reading them.




I’d much rather choose happy.

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