Barefoot luxury




Our casita here in Aguas Calientes is lovely.  Our place in Urubamba was pretty and very comfortable indeed, but lacked a little something – life.  But here, we are totally spoiled!  By the door is a basket of firewood and a bowl of “firestarter”, so yesterday afternoon we lost no time at all lighting a cosy fire and enjoyed sitting by it blogging, reading and simply enjoying being here.

So, having seen our comfortable room yesterday, I thought you’d like to see the bathing facilities.

A lovely marble bathroom with a great shower overlooking the garden.  All eco toiletries and so on, of course.




Or. if you prefer, a shower in the garden!




That’s if you don’t prefer a bath, of course.




Sadly, it was too cold to use, though this morning, when I looked out I did feel rather tempted




though first, I felt I needed to see if anything had decided to share it overnight!




Reminiscent of hotels in the far east, if only the weather had been a little warmer, this would have been a grand place to hang out, for sure.

The pictures I forgot to take yesterday

The ruins