What to do with all of those Tunnocks Tea Cake wrappers




I left you ogling that full on scene of silverware, labelled “The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nation’s Millennium General Assembly”, by James Hampton.  Looking more closely, it becomes clear that it’s not silverware at all, but aluminium foil wrapped over wooden frames, or scrunched up into balls.




Actually, when you take a closer look, it’s not that good at all!  But the overall effect is pretty eyecatching, wouldn’t you say?

So there.  Something to work on.




We followed on round into the American art section, immediately recognising this work by Edward Hopper.  Just around the corner was another exhibit of Presidential portraits, one of only two complete sets in the whole country.  Two stood out for me, firstly a warm and affectionate portrait of Richard Nixon, by our favourite Normal Rockwell.




Quite how Rockwell does it, I have no idea.  But his work always has a friendliness and approachability to it, regardless of the subject.




The other one is of JFK.  I’m not sure I like the style, don’t think I’d want to live with the portrait either.  But having read that the man never stood still for more than thirty seconds, the impression it gives could well be quite accurate.  Since his is one of the most photographed faces too, I was glad to see something a little different from the norm.

There was more to see, but mindful of our aching feet and dwindling attention span, we decided to call it a day and leave the rest for next time.  We collected our coats and made our way outside.

Look what we spotted opposite!




Our favourite Shake Shack from NYC, there on the other corner, large as life.  Of course we had to go and get something – we weren’t hungry at all, but shakes and floats and custards and concretes beckoned.  We sat outside for half an hour, savouring our choices and watching the world go by.  Perfect!




Slightly fortified, we staggered back towards the hotel, passing the alleyway on F street behind Ford’s Theatre, where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.




Half an hour in Barnes and Noble, perusing craft books, magazines and road trip maps was a fun diversion, too, but the meanies have taken away all the chairs so it’s not the refuge for weary feet it used to be!




So we really did feel the need to go back to the hotel this time.  4pm in Thanksgiving week and here was a young woman walking in front of us wearing a light dress and cardigan, no coat nor tights and open sandals on her feet.

The weather forecasts snow for the day after tomorrow, incidentally.




We did manage to stagger out for some dinner later, in the still balmy evening air where the reindeer and Christmas lights just seemed totally out of place.

We’ll sleep well tonight, I’m sure!

Almost time to go home

Here and there and back again