New trend or a local custom?




Whilst we’ve been here, we’ve noticed an unusual – to us – greeting.  When bidding someone goodbye in a shop or in the hotel, during the last few days we’ve heard a different reply from the norm.

“Be well” was the response in the drugstore.

“Stay Safe” said the hotel staff as we went out the door each morning.

“Be Thankful” was the reply from the museum docent.

“Be blessed” wished the waiter in the restaurant last night.

I don’t know if these are the latest variation on “have a nice day” or if such things are the norm in Washington DC.  I don’t even know if I appreciate such responses and certainly can’t decide if they are over pious or totally insincere.  Being the bumbling Englishwoman that I am, I’ve simply smiled and muttered “oh…er…thankyou”.  What I perhaps ought to have mastered is the simple, non-commital American reply of “uh-huh”.

Give me a bit more time and I’ll get it.

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