It’s changeover day here.  The washing machine is working hard and we are up and downstairs, sorting things out and asking “have you  …?”




The answer to this question was yes!

We had a fun couple of days in Wrexham.  Neither of us had been there before, though I’d been to a conference somewhere nearby a few years ago.  Anyway, all went according to plan, my work there was worthwhile (I hope) and both journeys were trouble-free.




My workshop took place in Oriel Wrecsam where the exhibition of “A Child’s Christmas in Wales” drew my attention.  This little arrangement on the wall appealed to me – something about the proportions and the limited use of colour, I think, though the relevance to the theme of the exhibition left me wondering.




For me, it was the traditional Ardizzone illustrations which proved the most appealing however.  They bring back memories of schooldays, of “silent reading” in draughty classrooms and books borrowed from the Junior Library in Hull.  Lovely.




With a full day workshop to teach on Saturday, the idea of exploring beyond the town centre was a non-starter until I was told that I needed to leave the gallery before they closed at 3pm.  Workshop content was quickly adjusted then and off we went, mid afternoon to look for the aquaduct at Chirk.




Telford’s masterpiece of engineering carries the Llangollen canal high over the Ceiriog Valley and alongside is a similar construction bearing the railway line.




The canal was closed so there was no traffic, sadly.  It must be spectacular to watch the boats crossing, I think!  WE peered through the closed tunnel and could just see a little daylight at the other end.




On such a still, Autumn afternoon, it would have made a lovely walk – not for the faint hearted though.




So we peered along the waterway, crossed over the border to read the sign




and crossed back into Wales again.

Meanwhile, just down the road, this was taking place.  Who knew?


(Oh, and if your Welsh is as good as mine, you’ll need the translation in order to answer the question, “Have you paid and displayed?”  Normally, we have a good chance of guessing the meaning of a sign, even when we don’t speak the lingo.  Here – no chance!!)

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