We always admire the woodstacks when we travel in Switzerland and Germany.  I’d go as far as to say, my Hero has serious woodstore envy when we see neatly arranged supplies like this one, seen from a train last year.




As of yesterday, however, we have our own woodstore and though it’s not quite in the same league as those Swiss wonders, I think he’s stacked it pretty neatly, don’t you?




It fits in beautifully and we are very pleased with our choice – locally made, delivered and constructed in situ. 




That, of course, is the wood for the winter after next – there’s at least one year’s supply stored dry in the garage, because as our friend Jürgen always says, wood warms you several times over – in our case, stacking it outside, moving it and stacking it once again in the garage, bringing it upstairs in the large basket and then finally, burning on the woodburner.


Fullscreen capture 03102014 165715


So, as you can see, we are ready for the weekend, when we are advised, temperatures will plummet.  Maybe it will be stove-lighting time?

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