Hello Hong Kong!


We’re here.  It was a fun journey too, our first on one of the new BA A380 planes.  First impressions were slightly strange, because we boarded as normal down one of the walkways from Terminal 5, directly onto the plane.  Since our seats were on the upper deck, I had envisioned climbing stairs at some point, but no.  We stepped straight onto what appeared to be a “normal” plane, took our seats and off we soared.

Oh, so quiet!  When at last, I visited the loo, I really couldn’t believe my eyes.  Far from the normal aeroplane bathroom, where there’s barely room to turn around, on this place there was enough space for a full sized bath!  It seemed to be the feature which intrigued/impressed most of us, because of course, once seated  and underway, there’s not really much more to say.  We did remark on the sheer length of the thing when we waited to get off – our seats were fairly far forward and looking back down the aisle, those seats seemed to go on and on forever.  And to think, there’s almost the same configuration downstairs as well.

Anyway, a few hours sleep, Sunshine on Leith as recommended by a couple of friends, The Butler because I’d read good things about that, too, and an old BBC documentary about Radley schoolboys and we were there.  Or rather, we were here!

(Incidentally, what a great idea of British Airways to include whole box sets in their entertainment package, allowing us to watch the whole of Downton Abbey Series 3, Madmen, Game of Thrones, House of Cards or whatever on such a long flight.  For once, there was almost too much choice on the viewing menu)




Anyway, having arrived mid Friday afternoon, the travelling companions settled themselves in the window with the thoughtfully provided binoculars whilst we showered and changed.  We met up again around 5ish with the intention of finding something to eat.




That just had to involve a ride on the Star Ferry with the commuters and having just missed one, we settled to wait all of three minutes for the next one.




People!  Everywhere!  In a hurry, too.




But once on board, we sighed and counted our blessings (again).  How good it is to be back.




Finding somewhere to eat on without prior planning is never easy, though and for a while we thought our attempts were going to come to grief amongst the copy-watch sellers and the tailor’s touts.  Just when tempers were beginning to fray a little at the edges, we stepped inside a small mall which advertised restaurants on the upper floors.  We plumped for one which seemed to offer some interesting choices and accepted a table on the condition we’d be done in an hour – it was reserved for 8pm, so we’d better get on with it.

We chose a set menu with a few extras and our choices were beautifully served and prepared in the most stunning setting, high above the streets in Tsim Tsa Tsui, overlooking the harbour.  As we savoured the delicious flavours, we were told the 8pm crowd had cancelled, too, so we ordered another round of beers and sat back for the laser light show.




OK, we knew it wasn’t going to be much because we’d seen it as we’d sailed away last February.  But never mind, here we were and didn’t it feel great?!

(As we left, we picked up the card from the restaurant for the journal and discovered it to be one of the latest “hot spots”, so we chose well!)




Afterwards, the MTR brought us swiftly and safely back to our hotel again and even provided entertainment in the form of the chap standing on the platform who was continually coaxing his hair into a point.  Dressed as a normal, conventional office worker, the grace and determination with which he combed his hair upwards amused us all and I’m only sad that the photo I managed to snap wasn’t better.




The main thing right now is that we are in our super-comfy rooms – Edward next door to us – and having just made use of the soothing eye-mask left in lieu of a chocolate on our pillow, I’m ready to say Goodnight from me and Goodnight from them.

Happy, if a little footsore

Happy, if a little footsore

Happy New Year!