and that was that.


We’re home.




Le Shuttle wasn’t very busy yesterday.  In fact, although we had a 2.40pm booking, we were offered places on the 13.20pm train which suited us very well indeed.

After all, there is only so much one can do in Carrefour.




And so, laden with all the good times and a few new travellers’ tales to add to the collection, we boarded the train for home.




Just over half an hour later, there we were.

Well, nearly.  Of course, there was the M25 to negotiate and the lady who has been telling us where to go ever since we left home nearly three weeks ago was only warning of a fourteen minute delay on our route.  So, we dropped Edward off at Ashford, to catch his train into London and we continued home.

Another great trip to add to the collection! 


Four countries in a day