Road Trip 2013


For some reason, this year’s road trip has been a long time coming.  For sure, we are a little later than usual, not normally waiting till the end of July before buzzing off for some fun.  But we have been looking forward to today for what seems like an age.




At last, on Wednesday afternoon, my Hero collected Mary from Heathrow because this year, for the first time, our road trip is going to be on this side of the Atlantic.  This morning, having packed up and made sure the housesitters were up to speed we were on our way towards Folkestone, where we’ll stay the night before an early morning shuttle tomorrow morning.




We arrived in Lewes around lunchtime and drove straight into a parking spot right where we wanted one to be!  Mind you, a Californian blue badge comes in handy, too (and yes, it’s valid more or less worldwide, too).




Lewes was looking lovely in the sunshine, but we were hungry so wasted no time in making a beeline for Bills.




We’d enjoyed their stylish offerings in Brighton and were not disappointed here either.




I like their approach to food almost as much as I admire the handwriting.




But, much as we’d like to have lingered longer, we needed to make on through the Friday afternoon traffic to Folkestone.  We avoided the motorways and stuck to the ordinary roads, through the Romney Marshes and the Cinque ports.  Right now, we are settled into the Premier Inn near the tunnel and hope for a peaceful night.

The fire alarm has gone off just the five times so far…

Chocolate, waffles and beer

What to say when there isn’t anything to report