Can't stop

Once I get the bit between my teeth, I niggle away at something until I’ve worked it out.

Whilst shopping this morning, I stocked up on white, gold and silver Uniball Signo pens which fit the Silhouette pen holder and came home ready to make a set of samples. The first decision was, what simple little image should I use?



Looking through my files, I came across this journalling block. It looked like just the kind of thing I was after and I opened it up in the Silhouette software. As I did, the thought occurred to me that the logical next step would be to cut it out with the machine as well.


It took a bit of thought to work out how, but the reward for persistence is…




For my own record as much as for your interest (assuming you haven’t given up already) I created two separate shapes – one to sketch and one to cut. I left one shape in place and moved the other out of the way as I sent the file to the Silhouette to cut or to sketch.



Having worked out how to do that, I’m done with it for now.  Sometimes, the pleasure is to be found mostly in the working it all out stage, don't you think?

My next challenge? Hmmm…

A little local difficulty

Messing about