The Divers


One of the reasons we went to New York on this particular weekend was to go to a concert.  Yes, our all time favourite piece of Raff, the Piano Quintet, was on the programme being performed by the Jupiter Players on Monday afternoon and we wanted to hear it very much indeed.




These divers – a photograph of which prompted Mary’s comment the other day – are an installation on the wall of Rosa Mexicana’s restaurant opposite the Lincoln Center, where we enjoyed margaritas after the concert.  Water is running down the tiled wall and the small (5” wide, approx) figures represent the cliff divers of wherever it is in Mexico that the young men dive.  Jordi alerted me to take a closer look at them, for though they appear to be identical on first glance, there are some individuals amongst them.




The light on the running water makes them especially interesting and they are a great talking point.

The margaritas are good, too!

Still in New York

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