Shanghai by night

Shanghai by night


Being here three nights meant there were plenty of choices for places to go, things to do.  Naturally, we wanted to take a night tour, to see these marvellous buildings illuminated, and so we set out with David, our terrific guide again to have him show us the highlights.


The first stop was the Jin Mao tower again.  Though it was interesting to return here to see the same views in the dark, sadly the windows could do with cleaning and taking photos wasn’t very easy.


Nevertheless, the views were spectacular and look, there in the building site next door, the workers are still hard at work.


The flash of an arc light suggests that they’re welding something. 


Our tour continued with a walk through Peoples Park, which was interesting but rather quiet at this time of the evening.


So, whilst we wouldn’t say that our evening had been anything but interesting, it was funny to arrive back home and find the best views of all were from our very own verandah!


It’s a beautiful city and we are told that we can expect fine weather tomorrow. Our visit has coincided with the arrival of Spring and we are keeping our fingers crossed for clear skies.  We have a busy day ahead.

Shanghai, Wednesday morning

Shanghai, Wednesday morning

228 mph

228 mph