Light, durable, flexible




Remember the pile of bamboo scaffolding stacked on that Hong Kong street a couple of days ago?  Well, whilst we were out yesterday, I took a couple of photographs of it being used.  Like cities the world over, Hong Kong is in a constant state of renovation, refurbishment and further development.  Since there’s limited land space available, the main direction for expansion seems to be up – and up and up!  These two tower blocks in the Deep Water Bay area are covered in scaffold and plastic sheeting – and the scaffold is a complex structure of bamboo and nylon cable ties.  Quite an art!




The base of the scaffold isn’t necessarily fixed to anything, but is more likely to be merely standing on a secure surface.




Over busy streets, protective shelves are built out to catch falling debris and prevent if falling on the people underneath.




The scaffolding around this particular building in WanChai was remarkably elaborate and very carefully constructed around the shape of the building.  it was high above a busy marketplace and must have taken some time to complete.


One way to make a living?


I couldn’t do it.  Could you?

There is some interesting technical information here, together with more photos.

Love it.

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