14 years on

14 years on

We are back in Hong Kong.


The TurboJet brought us over choppy waters from Macau and as we turned the corner, the city came into view.  Before the handover, this was somewhere that featured on several of our itineraries, being the stopover of choice on any trip downunder.  In those days, we’d be able to peer into the apartments of Mong Kok as the plane came into land at the old Kai Tak airport.  A couple of days ago, the final approach to the new airport was equally spectacular but with none of that nail biting thrill and adrenalin rush (?terror?!) but it was even better to see the spectacular harbour from ground level this morning.


Our spacious and very stylish room here in Kowloon overlooks the harbour too, and as I sit here typing, my eyes are drawn to the illuminated skyscrapers on the island opposite


Not a bad view to get a sense of place, is it?


This hotel is furnished in a more contemporary style than the previous one, and the foyer art is definitely in keeping.  No china dresses here, but instead a rather peculiar and eclectic set of chandeliers which I have yet to work out.


This afternoon, we took a walk along Nathan Road, which hasn’t changed much in the years since we were here.  No sooner had I mentioned the old “copy watch” sellers than someone approached us and muttered “Copy Watch?” in my hero’s ear!  He then said “Copy Handbag?” to me, but we were not at all interested in either.


We were headed for Pete’s, where Allan was going to chat about having some tailoring done and I wanted to explore the possibility of getting a favourite dress copied.  When my dressing room was built, it took some time to sort out a UV-protecting blind for the skylight and in the intervening sunny days, one shoulder of my favourite pink linen dress faded in the light.  Would they – could they – make me another?


Well, yes they could, as a matter of fact and whilst they were about it, they could make two – a purple one and a pink one.


So, leaving them to get on with it (fitting tomorrow…they don’t have much time) we returned to our hotel, admiring the New Year decoration as we went, sponsored by Liberty of London.  Returning from dinner this evening, I looked again at the “temari ball”


Hmmm.  I think it would be kindest to describe it as “freestyle”.

So good to be here, we are looking forward to spending a couple of days pottering about, revisiting old haunts and discovering new ones.  Hope you’re happy to walk with us, too?  Get the comfy shoes out ready!!

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

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