The China Dress



The life sized artwork which stands by the lifts in the hotel foyer is a real talking point.  I love it.

Have a closer look.




The “head” – or is it an elaborate hairstyle? – is absolutely in proportion and crowns an elegant form.  I especially love the collar and shoulder shape.




From the side, it’s easier to appreciate the curves and smooth shapes which have been achieved from these very solid and unyielding fragments.




The whole thing is fitted around a metal armature, the pieces “stitched” together with metal wire or staples.




The pattern and form have been so cleverly managed using the pieces available.




Interest and texture is added with more dimensional pieces down the back.




There are small features elsewhere on the dress, too, making best use of the bases, each with a makers mark.




The hem is nicely finished with the deepest blue border, giving weight and balance to the overall figure.


If only it would fit in my suitcase.

On the other side

Marvellous Macau