The clouds have parted


Since I write my blog mostly for my own benefit, I try to record and honest and truthful account of things.  I’m not out to impress anyone nor to promote products either which makes it easier, too.  Perhaps the most challenging thing is to respect people’s privacy and I take great care not to share anything that’s not mine to share.

But occasionally, I leave things out.  Sometimes, there are things which I don’t really want to share for whatever reason and there’s been a bit of an elephant in the room here in the last two weeks which definitely falls into that category.  Thankfully, this morning, Jumbo got to his feet and shuffled out, much to the relief of everyone here.




So, not only have the clouds parted, there’s light at the end of what has been quite a long tunnel and Edward will be able to join us for his birthday jolly after all.  For a while, it really did look as though his parents would be celebrating his 29th on a different continent without him and that the birthday boy’s booked (and paid for) flights and hotel room would be wasted.




Thankfully, later this week, all three of us will be off for a few days and are now able to really look forward to the company of these chaps.  Hoooray!!




To doing a little light shopping, perhaps?  Mmm….




Maybe visiting the tailor?  (Maybe a birthday present to be considered?)




But most of all, to enjoying a few days together in one of our all-time favourite cities. 

To say we are relieved would be an understatement.  But as is often the case in such situations, we hadn’t realised how much the possibility of leaving Edward back home had loomed so large over our Christmas celebrations until he telephoned with the good news. 

Time to get the guidebook out!

Happy New Year!

Christmas Journal 2013

Christmas Journal 2013