A night out at the movies


We love being here, where the days are filled with friends and fun and where we can simply go with the flow and enjoy whatever plans our generous hosts have made.  We knew they had got something up their sleeve for this evening, but knew little more than it involved a movie for ourselves and a couple more friends.




We headed for Westlake Village just as darkness was falling and made our way to the cinema in the shopping centre there.  As we arrived, we realised, this was no ordinary cinema but something rather unusual – even for here.




Cineopolis consisted of five screens, each with the most luxurious seating arrangements we’ve seen.  Comfortable, reclining seats with footrests were generously spaced and as we made our way to row E, a young man followed us with tray and menus.




Cocktails anyone?  Or something to eat?  And just in case we wanted to order something when the lights had dimmed, there was a nifty little torch built into the menu – because, heaven forbid that we might go hungry!  (We’d already enjoyed another delicious lunch – “thanksgiving 2” – followed by drinks and nibbles at Jan and Tony’s too) 




As we settled down with a cool glass of Pino Grigio and a handful of popcorn (well, go on then, if you insist Winking smile ) the couple in front of us ordered supper before reclining and watching the trailers for the forthcoming attractions.

No adverts, though.  Interesting that.

About Time was a great choice and we really enjoyed the show.  Sentimental, yes, happy ending, of course.  The six of us all agreed that it was just right for this Sunday evening and that the whole Cineopolis experience was marvellous.

Dinner at The Grill was terrific too.  How do our friends stay so svelte?

“OK, let’s hit the grave and go shopping”

Just imagine