Human frailties


I know several of my failings (too long a list to post here, btw) and two of them are a dislike of confrontation and a determination to win.  So, if I really must pick a fight, I’ll choose a comparatively weaker adversary and will keep going until I get the better of it.

Quite often, my opponent is a sheet of paper.




If Linda is reading this, she’ll remember that the only thing to catch my eye in the craft magazines (with the exception of the crochet baby reindeer) was this paper ball, for which there were no instructions.

Red rag to a bull. 

Had the instructions been there alongside, I’d have had a quick go, satisfied myself that it wasn’t worth the bother and that would have been that.  But no.  I had to come home, to google it and pin the instructions to my Pinterest board and pick a fight with it later.




First of all, take six strips of paper and arrange five of them in a star.  How difficult is that?  It took me three or four goes before I watched the short video here which recommends sticking them down to the table.  Good advice!




That’s because, the next step requires every other one of those strips to be pulled through the circle made by the sixth strip and believe me, those paper strips are a mean opponent at this stage of the game.




It wasn’t looking good for quite some time, but I can be quite determined to get the better of those paper strips and after an hour or so, I beat them into submission.




Ta dah!




Just to prove it wasn’t a fluke, I had to make another, smaller one.  That was tricky!  Don’t imagine that shorter strips are any less obstinate than longer ones, will you?




But armed with a few bits of washi tape and some instant-dry glue, we got there in the end.




Shall I make a hundred for our Christmas tree, do you think?

Please, don’t say “yes” – I’m bored with them now.

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