Last lap

for Friday, anyway.  We’re flagging a bit, for sure.  How about you?  Were you as impressed by those Klimt wall panels as we were?




Anyway, we’re now in the Bruegel room of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, where a gentleman is expounding to his two “students” and the artist working on a piece inspired by one of the large collection of works on show here is taking a break.




There are many works here by Bruegel the Elder and most are familiar.  Did you ever have an Athena print of these pictures?  Or own an LP with one on the sleeve cover?




By the time we’ve looked around, the gentleman has moved to the next painting.




Feeling footsore, we’ll just scoot through the Dutch masters, then, stopping to admire Durer’s Madonna of the Pear.  So beautiful and what an interesting commentary there is to read – is your German good enough to interpret it?

Sadly, it would take me some time to do that – there’s a little hint of it all here




OK, moving right along then, walking anticlockwise along the Ring, through the Naschmarkt and past the Secession House where these three owls on the side of the building catch my eye.  We’re tired and though the spirit would love to stop and look a little more closely, the body says “one foot in front of the other”.




Perhaps we’ll come back here over the weekend?  We’ll see.




For now, we’ll admire the shop windows – just look at those little cookies!  They’re rather similar to some I’ve pinned to my Pinterest page and interestingly they are in the window of an art gallery and not a konditorei.




Unlike Dorothy, we aren’t lucky (or organised) enough to have tickets for the Opera, which is sold out for the duration of our stay and which would, in any case, have cost us an arm and a leg.  Instead, we’ll lean on a lamppost whilst my hero goes into the bank in search of a cash machine and watch the world go by.  Is that you humming “Lili Marlene”?




Suddenly, we have a spring in our step and renewed vigour as we spot the speciality “Krapfen” in the konditorei window – these doughnuts are traditional New Year treats in this part of Europe and there are several seasonal flavours to choose from.  I’ll do the honours and brave the assorted Russians, Grande Viennese Dames and suchlike to work my way to the front of the queue and acquire two Mozart flavoured ones and one Baileys.  Hmmm….




More sweetness next door in the Manner shop and we’re done.  Time to return to the hotel and spend an hour recovering and rediscovering our sore feet before dinner.

Do you think we used our day well?  Packed enough in?

See you later!

Rainy Saturday

Across the Ring