It’s cold here.  Not the bone-chilling, long-lasting freeze of the Arctic, but a few days of lower than normal temperatures and enough to provide us with conversation.  What rotten luck, then, that it turned chilly just when our pianist friend Tra brought her Mum to stay.  After all, if you’re used to the warmth of Saigon, then the top of a hill in the Cotswolds is probably not the most comfortable place to be in mid-January.




So, we stayed home and enjoyed each other’s company, spending time around the kitchen table and doing a spot of mending, which is a necessary skill in any language!




We managed a quick dash from the car to make a quick visit to St Marys, Fairford, where a smattering of snow lay in the churchyard




and the feast of colour from the marvellous stained glass windows was a rich reward for our efforts.

(Actually, the fish and chips at The Swan, Southrop, was also richly deserved, we thought!)




But today, having said goodbye to our friends, we’re feeling lucky to be able to stay at home.  Maybe I’ll use the time to tidy my studio….

Who knows what excitement might prevail!?


Friday, early January