Day 2 – and I’m keeping up




One of the advantages of binding those pages into a book before I began was that they are in a fixed order…each day, I simply have to work with what’s there.  I know what I’d do otherwise.  I’d spend ages dithering over which page to choose, which colours to work with and all of that.  As it was, I dithered for quite some time anyway.

The next page in the book was blues and peachy colours.  I thought there was too much white space and wanted to perk it up a bit.  The theme for the day was teaching, and though it was really supposed to be a reflection on the events of Sunday, after a day at work, teaching and learning was very much on my mind.  As a result, it refers more to Monday…but it’s my book and I can do what I want!





I added the date in a brick red, punched a star and coloured that with the same stamp pad as I used for the word “teach”.  I used the same denim blue paint for a few dots to fill that space too.  The thought for the day reflects on the discussions in my meeting; I had a good opportunity to watch, to listen and to observe – and to learn, of course.

Patchwork and Zebrafish

Off we go