Happy Days


Having just posted a heap of photographs to my 365 collection, I’m sitting here thinking what a great time we’ve had this last week.  The best sort of time because it’s shared with family and friends, without a detailed agenda and punctuated frequently with good food, laughter and lively conversation.  Oh yes, sprinkled with a bit of culture too.




In three days we packed in One Man Two Guvnors which was hilarious, the superb Bronze exhibition at the Royal Academy and braved the crowds to see the Heatherwick Studio exhibition at the V&A. 




We sampled the cooking at Galvin La Chapelle, Campania, Allans, and Delaunay, and tried Eggs Drumkilbo for the first time last evening, in a dining room appropriately furnished with a collection of signed Dick Francis novels.




At last I got to check the Columbia Road Flower market off my London list, we ticked several items from our shopping list at Zara Home and added a few more books to my Amazon wishlist along the way.  My first gel manicure in Selfridges wasn’t 100% successful, though, and I’ll be canvassing a few friends for advice before the next one!




Our days were sprinkled with glitterati, observing Paul Smith and his party to our left and Brian Cox to the right in the same restaurant on Sunday, having already spotted one assorted Gallagher bro in Sloane Street earlier in the day.  We didn’t spend all our time hobnobbing though and added the 15, 23, 47 and the 19 bus routes to our repertoire – my favourite way to travel around the city by far.




Sadly, I didn’t charge my camera fully before leaving, so photographs of this lovely weekend are few.  It didn’t prevent me taking the obligatory photograph in a certain cloakroom for my Artful Dodger chums, though!




Best of all was a super-comfy hotel to return to each night, even if last night, for some reason, the duvet wasn’t big enough to cover the bed!  As we didn’t fall into it until well past midnight, we didn’t complain, but hmmm….perhaps it’ll be recorded in Trip Advisor later ;-)




So, did we have a great time?  We certainly did.  Is it good to be home?  Of course it is!

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